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Here is a little ABOUT

the youth director


Hey there! My name is  Joana "Jojo"Blair. Here is the cliff-notes of my life!


  The Lord brought me to Calvary Baptist Church back in October of 2017. At that time, I wasn't for sure why God brought me to Calvary. It wasn't until the summer of 2018, when God had Bro. Mike show me why I was here. Bro. Mike asked me to take over the youth department, and I'm not going to lie, I had the "Whatcha talking about Willis", come across my mind. I prayed about it for a week, and in that week God dealt with me in a way that I've never experience before. You see, my mind set went from I'll think about it, to where do I sign up. If you don't think prayer is powerful, you might want to think again. Here I am now, serving the Lord at Calvary Baptist church as the Youth Director!

  The Lord brought me into this world on September 16, 1991, and gave me to some pretty cool people I call my parental, Troy and Tracy. That same week I was in church. So church has been apart of my life literally since birth. Fast forward through my terrible twos and mischievous fours to the amazing five.  You see at the beautiful age 5, I asked Jesus  to come in my heart to be my Savior, so the years before that aren't worth talking about, since those were my heathen years. I played the church kid who was saved, all the way up til I graduated high school, pretty well.I say this because, I worshiped God on Sundays and Wednesdays night, the other days of the week was softball, track & field, and living the high school dream of a athlete. I was top of both of my sports, had colleges looking at me, set school records ( I still hold one of them), First Team All- District, MVP,  selected to be in the Senior All-Star Team for the Greater Houston Area, Top 10 in Shot Put and Discus in the State of Texas, and many other awards. Sports have became my life. It wasn't til May 20,2010, at our church graduate day, that the light bulb came on. I denied all the sport scholarships, and went to Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee. I went a year and got my Bible certification. My plans was to get my Secondary Education in History and PE/coaching degree, and I would go back to a public school and coach softball. Again God had different plans for me. While at college I was offer a counseling position at Southland Christian Camp for the upcoming summer. I truly believe that Southland Christian Camp played a part of who I am today. Through my high school years I went to Southland as a camper, and through the weeks I spent there God was working on me. So of course I accepted the position. It was incredible experience, but also a challenging one too. I spent a lot of times on my knees, shed many tears, but also rejoiced a lot over teens saved and lives changed. So I did two summers , and I also spent a year as a Intern. I came back home in the fall of 2012. Got a job at New Caney ISD Transportation Department ( yes, I was young and dumb). Funny thing is I'm still here almost  8yrs later, and have climbed the ladder within the department. While  being back home, I worked in Children Church, Directed VBS, Christmas program, Bus Ministry,Youth Department, and ran the Sound Ministry. To me,what I did in the camp,church,and for the Lord ,out weighs any of the achievements I did in sports or school. I'm so excited to see how the Lord is going to use me!

  • Favorite Bible Verse: Phil. 1:21

  • Favorite Food: Shrimp and Grits

  • Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

  • Favorite TV Show: Station 19

  • Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

  • Favorite Music: I like everything, except RAP

  • I was a home owner at the age of 26.

  • I live in a tiny house

  • I am a Volunteer Firefighter

  • I am the youngest of four

  • I love to fish, hunt, camp, hike, or anything outdoors

  • I love to do Spartan Races, Stair Climbs, and Races for a Cause

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